Monday, November 10

What did it for the Democrats was ARROGANCE, plain and simple.

The one aspect that pundits on both sides of American politics have overlooked in the election results of November 4th was the public push back against “arrogance".

Arrogance occurs when you show a total disregard for the other side. Arrogance was on parade by the President, by Harry Reid, by Democrats in all positions, by federal agencies, and frankly by the press. When the voice of Americans is ignored, and in fact, belittled and silenced by those in power, Americans will respond in the only real way they can, and that is at the ballot box.

Here are some prime examples of arrogance during the current administration (and this is just a short list):

When the President took office, and it came time to work with Congress on his new agenda the Republicans were locked out of the process. “Elections have consequences” the President is fond of saying. “If you don’t like the ways things are going, win an election.” The arrogance of power, of “My way or the Highway” is a huge slap in the face of Americans whose voices were silenced by an arrogant Chief Executive. 

When it came time to pass his landmark legislation, The Affordable Care Act, again, Republicans, representing half of the population, were ignored, shut out of the process. No amendments, no modification, no input would be allowed from the minority party. After similar bills passed separately each house of Congress, the next step would normally be a House and Senate conference committee to iron out their differences. But, when Ted Kennedy’s seat was awarded to a Republican by the people of Massachusetts, the slim majority in the Senate dwindled to nothing. The people, hoping to block the pending bill, were again ignored. There would be no conference committee, and the Senate version of bill would pass "as approved", without amendment, without conference, without a single Republican vote.

With the only tool left to stop the Obama, was the budget, one Senator, Ted Cruz attempted to do what he could, hold up funding. But instead of support from other Republicans, Cruz was met with arrogance.

In response to the shut down of the government, the President closed National Parks, the people’s parks, not government parks. The President shut down cemeteries, as though it would drain the budget for loved ones to visit the graves of their fallen heros. The President shut down parking lots in front of private business on Federal lands, as though the parking lots were too costly to keep open. 

The most egregious display of Presidential arrogance was barricading the World War II memorial in Washington D.C., and open air memorial, costing the government nothing to keep open. WWII veterans are dieing by the thousands each year, and if an effort to share this memorial with WWII veterans, private citizens paid for flying them to Washington D.C. to see their memorial. So why close it? This was a show of force by the President of the United States, against those who served this nation during it's darkest hour. And the people of America saw the darker side of this President – pure arrogance.

It is arrogance to impose upon the school children of this nation a meal of rabbit food, while the President himself hosts lavish dinners at the White House. It is arrogance to hold lavish federal agency “training” at posh hotels, while the tax payers are forced to cut back necessities to make ends meet. 

It is arrogance to go golfing in the middle of not one crisis, but many. It is arrogance to refuse to answer questions or provide documents to a government oversight committee, trying to get to the root of Fast and Furious, and the Bengazi raid.

It is arrogance to protect out-of-control IRS agents and supervisors who target private citizens, and then lie to the Congress and the courts about it. And the lie continues as we learn, even today, that the IRS never attempted to retrieve the e-mails subpoenaed by Congress and the courts. 

It is arrogance to hide critical facts from the public, so as not to damage a political agenda. It is arrogance to put off Executive Action until it is politically convenient.

It is arrogant to refuse to protect the borders of the United States, and then file lawsuits against those state trying to do the job that the federal government refuses to do.

It is arrogance to ignore video documentation that Black Pathers in Philadelphia openly intimidated voters at a polling location, but then sue states that attempt to eliminate voter fraud, by simply asking for some identification.

Arrogance, arrogance, arrogance – and it continues to this day. Only if Congress sends the President a bill that HE likes, will he consider it. Congress must act on HIS agenda, or he will do whatever he wants to do defiance of Congress and the Constitution. Arrogance, arrogance, arrogance. 

And the Arrogance extends to Harry Reid. The arrogance of accusing Republicans of being obstructionists, when over 380 bills from the House, most with bi-partisan support, have been blocked by Reid. Reid’s arrogance extends to his changing the Senate rules so that these bills cannot be brought out for consideration. Reids new rules block Republicans from adding amendments to existing bills, or having any voice in the process whatsoever – arrogance.

The arrogance extends to the "voice of the people" the media. When Americans want to know, don’t waste your time tuning in to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or MSNBC. You’re lucky if you hear a single word about Fast and Furious, IRS targeting or private citizens, NSA wiretaps, Bengazi, and dozens of other scandals. It has apparently been the job of the media to protect Americans from the truth, rather that presenting the truth, and letting the people make up our own minds. 

And the arrogance of the media isn’t an accident. The administration has targeted media members who disagree with them, bugging their phones, filing false changes against them, raiding their homes in the middle of the night. 

The effort of this Administration to silence all opposition, the media, politicians, donors, and private citizens is working, and it is doing so because the media is itself, willing to be silenced. Arrogance on both parts. 

This election was not about the economy. It was not about free birth control, it was not about women's rights. It was not anti-incumbent, anti-black, or anti-hispanic. This election was not anti-government, or anti-media, though it probably should have been.

This election was about arrogance – the unchecked abuse of power by bureaucrats in Washington, arrogance by the President, arrogance by Harry Reid and the Democratics, and arrogance by a media that refuses to report on government abuse. 

When you treat the citizens and their representatives with such disregard and disrespect, when you attempt to suppress those who disagree with you by sending federal agents after them, then your d**n right, the people are going to rise up against you. And rise up they did on November 4th, 2014. 

It's time someone listen.

Wednesday, November 5

Beware of the Lame Duck Senate.

Congratulations to the GOP nationwide. But more especially, congratulations to America. The more that the pundits have tried to distance the midterm 2014 election from the Obama agenda, the more they ended up looking foolish.

I didn't vote for Barrack Obama in 2008. But the morning after the election in 2008, I was proud to be an American, because we had finally succeeded in breaking the race barrier in electing our first black President.That great feeling quickly ended for me, when the Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder decided NOT to prosecute the Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philadelphia. Time and again, laws were selectively enforced, and the pattern of enforcement was clear. It was Barack Obama and his cronies, against the rest of us. Soon, it was the IRS, NSA, and other agencies, seemingly out to reign in our American Freedoms.

Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote. Since then, the law was modified dozens of times, not by Congress, but by the stroke of Obama's pen. This is NOT how our government is supposed to work, but minor things like law, rules, and the Constitution never stood in the way of the Democratic Party.

Out of 59 Democratic Senators that voted for Obamacare, only 32 of them still remain in office. Under the direction of Harry Reid, the long-standing rules of the Senate were abolished, and his dictatorial rules instituted. The minority opinion would be silenced, and it was. Over 300 bills, most with bipartisan support, were passed by Congress, only to be crushed by Harry Reid. Under Harry Reid, not a single budget has passed Congress in over 6 years. And Reid has the nerve to call the Republicans obstructionist.

But that was yesterday. Today, is is great day. The wonderful feeling that I had the day after the 2008 election, which was destroyed by the Obama Administration only weeks later, has once again filled me, and I feel great!

But what now, Republicans? Are they going to simply compromise with the Democrats like they have for the past generation. If you meet someone "half-way" over and over again, soon, you are on their doorstep, and behind you, is a long way home. So what now?

Next Monday, the first day that the Congress and Senate return to Washington, there will be a "lame duck" session of Congress. Expect the President to take advantage of the last days of his Democratically controlled Senate, and try to push through a host of political appointments. Before a single one is considered, every Republican Senator ought to co-sponsor a bill to return the rules of the Senate to the pre-Harry Reid rules. That would return a voice to the minority party, they could stand up for what they are passionate about, and yes, even block bills and appointments if either are too egregious.

If the Democrats in control of the Senate refuse to reinstate the old rules, then, let them live with the consequences. For the next two years, they will have the same constraints placed upon them, that they placed upon the Republicans, no filibustering, no amendments, no voice in Presidential appointments.

On the other hand, if they vote to return a voice to the minority party, then they too will have a voice in the new Congress. The Republicans will have a voice in the lame duck Senate, to block egregious appointments by a President who is married to his ideology, and the new minority party will have a voice in the new Senate. That should be a win for both parties.

But if the Democrats block a return to the old rules, let them live with the own rules for the next two years.

Saturday, May 18

IRS Intimidation . . . Enough!

I got a call the other day from a lady (name withheld for now) from the General Accountability Office of the Federal Government in Washington D.C. I have never contacted the GAO, and except for my taxes, I have never contacted the federal government for anything, not since my veterans benefits ran out 35 years ago. So why now are they contacting me? I’ve never received a call from my city, county, or state government, but now someone at some federal bureaucracy in Washington wants to talk to me? Why me?
The events of the pass year give me suspicion that it’s not to notify me that I’ve won the lottery. Over the past year, your name on a campaign donor list can get you and your company audited, visited by inspectors, and probed by the FBI, all because you gave to the wrong candidate, the one without all the power of the federal government at their disposal.
Perhaps, it’s my many online criticisms of the feds owning a private corporation (GM), closing car dealerships, blocking Boeing from opening a new plant, overlooking thugs intimating voters, telling me what light bulb to buy, what insurance plan is government approved, gun sales to drug gangs, blocking an oil pipeline, taking over and then raising the rates on student loans, or buying up warehouses of unnecessary ammunition. Yes, I have been critical, but what I say or write as a private citizen should be of NO consequence to the government. In America, we do NOT have to fear retaliation for what we say, write or believe. That is guaranteed to all citizens by the Bill of Rights.
The term “right” didn’t always apply to every American. Following the dreaded Plessy vs Ferguson ruling in the 1890s, where the Supreme Court ruled that separate was equal (it never was), generations of black Americans lived under a system where the color of your skin, a result of birth, determined privilege or oppression. Yes, even the Supreme Court gets it wrong when justices are politically minded, and not Constitutionally centered.
But a “right” to be, in fact, a Right, isn’t created by a room full of politicians, and it cannot be denied to an entire race of people, merely by the determination of a room full of justices. Our Rights come from God, and are merely guaranteed by our Government, in the Bill of Rights.
Jim Crow made mere privilege out of God given rights, and the way to earn that privilege was by accident of birth. Segregation, and the Jim Crow laws that upheld it, were wrong, and any thinking American knew it. The very idea of a right that was enjoyed by some but not others, based on accident of birth, was, and is, the very evil that our forefathers fought and died to put an end to.
The idea that privilege by Royalty, another accident of birth, was abolished by The Declaration of Independence. And the idea that privilege by Race, also an accident of birth, was abolished by the Civil War, only to be resurrected by the Supreme Court which gave us Separate but Equal, another lie.

During the Civil Rights era of the 50s and 60s, this nation once again came to its senses and became “America” again. Any law that granted privilege to anyone based on accident of birth was Unconstitutional, as it should have been from day one, two centuries before. The likes of Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King Jr. (both registered Republicans) didn’t fight for special privileges for themselves or their race. They fought for equal justice as an American, equal rights, equal opportunity.

Equal Justice under the law. Equal rights for all. Special privilege for no one. That is what makes us uniquely American.
Today, our government, our leaders, and especially, our bureaucrats, are bringing back from the failed ashes of the past, a new emergence of privilege, not Jim Crow, not based on accident of birth, but based on the content of one’s beliefs. How pathetically ironic – the very people that celebrate and all but worship the person of Martin Luther King Jr., who himself dreamed of a world where people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character – these same worshipers of progressivism, work tirelessly to create policies that suppress the rights of anyone who disagrees with them.

Instead of Jim Crow laws, these “progressive” bureaucrats make rules that intimidate those who, in fact, do believe in equal justice as Martin Luther King did. These progressives create laws, processes and rules deliberately designed to intimate and oppress those who believe that this country is best when people are working, taxes are low, and government interference in their lives is minimal.
The guarantees of a Free Press and Free Speech, weren’t placed into the Bill of Rights so that people can openly express their devotion to government. These freedoms are guaranteed all citizens, especially and specifically to those who disagree with government, so they can speak freely, without fear, without intimidation, to push back on the excesses and abuses of government.
Free Speech, and a Free Press are essential to insure that our government is kept under control, plays by the rules, is fair and impartial. Without these freedoms, governments turn into a tyrannies, dictatorships, or police states. When the press has the freedom and courage to question the abuses of government, it is only then that the Press serves the people. It is when people can freely talk and assemble and air our grievances, that we are doing what our forefathers envisioned to sustain a Free nation.  It was Free Speech is the 50s and 60s that gave the Americans the power to rid this nation of the cancer of Jim Crow. Where would this nation be today without Free Speech and a Free Press?
There was a time in this country where men and women stood together as brothers and sisters and proclaimed “I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your RIGHT to say it”. Regardless of their slant, the people stood up for the press, and the press stood up for the people. That takes a special humility, a special understanding, a special courage to stand up for your political opponent and proclaim to everyone on both sides, “Let him speak! He has the right to be heard!” Our press used to have the courage to stand up to power. Today, they celebrate government power.
Today, it is Free Speech that is under assault by an out of control bureaucracy, and for the most part, the press has remained silent. It is uncertain whether there will be true freedom of speech in the future, should our government continue to intimate those who disagree with them. Our founding fathers would be appalled at this intimidation, oppression and abuse by our government. There is not one person, it is hoped by some leaders, with the courage to stand up and shout “Enough!”
Yesterday (May 17th) Republicans and Democrats in Congress, stood up to an out of control IRS, and said “Enough!” The IRS continues to intimate and oppress those who speak out, assemble, or donate to causes and candidates who want to reign in the excesses and abuses of the Federal Government.
I never thought that a day would come in America of all places, that anyone who would call himself an American, would cause, allow, tolerate, or ignore anyone who would try to use their power to silence, intimidate, punish or oppress another American whom they disagree with. Anyone who would use their power to that end, shouldn’t just be fired or fined, they should be jailed for abuse of power. Instead, these government operatives receive bonuses, promotions, and praise, and for the most part, the protection of the press.
Some want to label the investigation into these government abuses as nothing more than a “political witch hunt.” I, for one, am proud of those Republicans in Congress who have the patriotism and statesmanship to rise above these verbal attacks. But I am even more proud, today, of the handful of Democrats in Congress who had the courage to stand up as Americans and proclaim to the victims of these IRS abuses, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight for your right to speak.”
Maybe there is hope for America, after all.



Friday, January 14

Freedom to Criticize is NOT a Crime

How many decades and centuries might it take before government leaders understand those values which caused the founding of this nation? No political leader likes to be criticized, but in America, it a crime for GOVERNMENT to stifle criticism.

We are a FREE country, we have the God given right, affirmed by our Constitution, to freely speak out in disagreement with our Government. Does anyone think for a moment that Free Speech only applies to those who agree with their leaders? If no one is FREE to speak out against those in government, against the laws that govern us, doesn't that government then become a tyranny?

Our freedom to criticize our leaders is one of our greatest freedoms. But a criticism of a policy such as the new Health Care Law (Obamacare), to criticize those who would mortgage our future for the excesses of the present, to criticize policies that would hand-cuff small business and industry, that is the very reflection of what it is to live in a free country.

We may disagree, but when you try to silence me, then it becomes personal. So now the issue is more than just disagreement with ObamaCare, or Cap-and-Trade. Now the issue is my freedom to speak, and THAT is more than debate, that cuts to the very core of our freedom.

"Oh, to be able to silence anyone who disagrees with me. To have the power to fine and jail those who use an improper metaphor. To be able to silence radio shows, and close down entire networks that refuse to do as they are told". That is the disease of power. That is the thinking of tyrants. Such power does not, and never has existed in America. But today, there are many in government are have made great steps to commit just such a crime against the citizens of this country.

To endure the heat of opposition is one thing, but to attempt to criminalize opposition, elevates the oppressed voice from a mere lantern, to a raging inferno. Suppression breeds Violence. That was true from the beginning of civilization. Our founding father understood this, and to avert violence, they outlawed suppression, not the voices of opposition. The rights granted in our Constitution are deliberate and clear so that American can brandish these rights in the face of would be tyrants, and say "You have crossed the line."

The audacity of a Congress that even suggests that any law should first be passed, and only then, it's Constitutionality determined by a court. There is no Constitutional mandate that the courts must bless our laws before they are enacted. But there is a clear mandate, repeated again and again that "Congress shall pass no laws that abridge the right of ..."

For Congress to pass any law that is even suspect of being at odds with the Constitution violates those politician's very oath of office, to "uphold the Constitution". Those who would seize more government power, without regard to the limited powers granted them in the Constitution, are no better than the tyrants which in 1776, left Americas no other choice but to cast them off.

All power, derives first from the People. That is the foundation of this nation. It is the people who lease that power to their states and to the Federal government. There are issues which the people, with deliberate thought, determined would best be handled at the local or state level, and other issue, few in number, that of necessity, ought to be handled by a Federal government.

Why should a taxpayer in Texas, pay the salary of a policeman in Ohio. Why should a tax payer in Florida, pay for a school in California? From what reservoir of wisdom did the people think it best to give power to the Federal Government to dictate to us what light-bulbs we should use, what food our children must eat in our schools, or what doctor I must see.

I am all for healthy children, and energy conservation, good schools, ample police force, and no-smoking in restaurants. But what of the rights of the states and the people to decide how these should be implemented, or whether they should be at all. There are things which must and ought to be Federal: National highways, a National military, International trade. These Federal responsibilities were true in 1776, and are true today.

But why should billions be spent on a bureaucracy in Washington to regulate my child's education just a few blocks away. Why must I send a thousand dollars to Washington to regulate something, for which only a hundred of those dollars ever trickle down to the object of that need. Would it not be more efficient if the entire thousand dollars were given directly to the school? Why does Washington get to decide what local bridge or school gets what money? The money they hold as hostage to impose their tyranny at the local level is a corruption, an abomination to the very idea of a Republic.

But yet, to speak out against such abominations is now tantamount to murdering innocents in Arizona. What about the abomination of trashing our Constitution? What roll do the actions of Congress and an ideologue President, what roll does their theft of our rights play in the increasing rage in this country? What roll does their threat to shut down free speech, close whole sectors of the press, stifle the pulpit, and make it near impossible for law abiding citizen to protect themselves, while inflating the supposed rights of the lawless to continue to turn our cities into killing fields.

Where is our Federal government when We the People need them to step up and challenge the drug smuggler, the gangster? Where is our Federal government when men in clubs threaten all opponents at a voting booth? Where? They're busy blaming free speech for the violence, not the whacko with the gun in his hand. Politician are too busy drafting laws to take guns out of the hands of upstanding Americans, and give more legal protections to people who never set foot in American, who none-the-less have taken up arms for our destruction.

If someone should aspire to federal office in America, that person should first BE in every aspect, an American first. They should know their rights, their responsibilities and their limitations while in office. In America, when our politicians become tyrants, we do not take up arms against them. We do not take them to court or impeach them. We impeach them at the ballot box, and impeach we did, in the greatest numbers in almost a century.

And you would think those who survive the ballot box impeachment, would wake up to the voices of the people. Enough wasteful spending. Enough mandates upon the people and states. Enough of the ignoring existing laws, and picking your favorites, nationalizing private industries, taking property from one, and giving to your chosen few. Enough of a Government that uses the power of the Presidency to pass decrees, and executive order to effectively restrict those same rights that Congress is Constitutionally prohibited from infringing. Enough of executive orders that have the impact of law far beyond the mere management of the executive branch. Enough of laws being made by a President, and not the representatives of the People. Enough penalizing the producers to reward those who refuse to work. Enough of the laws which rob our freedoms to feed your gluttonous craving for power. Enough ignoring our borders, our sovereignty, our Constitution, and the voices of the citizens.

And for all this, these frank and honest words, many would fear them. Some would lead the call to silence my words, despite my personal irrevocable guarantee in the Constitution that no laws shall ever be made to abridge my free speech. And for the very act of exercising my right to speak out against an oppressive government, by my words alone, I am held in lower esteem than those who make war against us? How is it that our government is now more closely aligned with the ideology of foreign countries, than with the ideology of our own people?

I am no murderer. I abhor violence. But I will not, for the sake of "toning down the rhetoric", allow others to turn this country into a nation of sheep, unable, unwilling to face their oppressors, silent in all regards, where the wolves control our every word. Enough, I say. My weapon is the ballot box, my words, my speech, and I am not alone.

When any government becomes destructive to the ends of justice, fairness, and the will of the governed, it is the right, the obligation of the people to remove that government and replace it with a government that more faithfully reflects the will of the governed. The first wave of this overthrow was in November 2010. Should the government continue to ignore the People, there will surely be a second wave, just as mighty, in the coming election. The people will no longer be silenced. Our elected officials will listen to us, or they will be removed.