Freedom! Sweet Freedom!

Americans are blessed with an internal sense of Freedom. We fought hard as a nation to win our National Freedom from a government across the Atlantic. On a personal level, the generation that won our national freedom, carved into law, our personal freedoms which have become the fabric of what defines us uniquely as Americans.

Up until a century ago, Americans could grab their rifle, a few odds and ends, climb up on their horse, and explore every corner of this nation, hunting for their food, but totally at the mercy of nature. Can there be any greater freedom than following the call of your soul wherever it may lead? The roads are straighter, the means faster, but those things that anchor or lives in place have made it impossible for most to explore America on a whim.

What holds us back are the many needs and comforts that surround us in our homes. Indeed, there is great freedom is building a life the way you desire. But there is that trade-off. The more you have here, the less you ar…
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